Team Building

Is your team ready to take on the challenge of our off site team building activities that include the 4 c’s Creativity, Communication, Collaboration and Critical Thinking.

Pricing & Booking info for both labs:
Pricing is based on a per person scale
Payment for activity is due a minimum of 7 days prior to event.
Invoicing is available


LockBox Lab

The LockBox Lab is an great group activity for companies, athletic teams, education & any other group that can be held at the location of your choice. In this fun filled, energy packed, team building lab, participants work in groups of 4-8 to problem solve together before the timer runs to zero. Participants must put their skills to the test, as they solve a series of puzzle challenges that will eventually lead them to their final goal. The LockBox Lab is designed to enhance the skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity in teams. It provides a fun and engaging experience that participants won’t soon forget. Does your team have what it takes to get clued in and beat
The LockBox Lab?


Time to channel your inner artists.  Whether your skills are drawing stick figures or if you can copy the Mona Lisa, everyone has fun with this event.  Participants are divided into teams and given a canvas.  The mission is to “copy” the piece of art that is given to them.  At the end of the activity, all the canvas’s are combined to create one piece of beautiful art.  The many perceptions of your team will help showcase a beautiful piece of art.  At the end of the 60 minute painting activity, we will discuss the use of Communication, collaboration and creative thinking used in creating the one-of-a-kind art piece. PLUS! You get to keep the art created in the Paint Lab and showcase it in your office or location!

Mobile Escape Rooms

15-30-60 minute scenarios CLUETOPIA’S Mobile Escape Rooms are an interactive experience that requires teamwork & communication. Our games have interactive puzzles and settings that make you feel transported to a new place. We do all the work and bring the Escape Room experience to you. Just sit back and relax…that is until you enter the Mobile Escape Room! CLUETOPIA’S Mobile Escape Room is the ideal choice to bring some fun to your party, meeting or event. Our Mobile Escape Room can be setup indoors or outdoors.