Escape Rooms

Family Friendly 60 Minute Escape Rooms
with a Seasonal Room. Range from Easy to Hard.

School’s Out!
Players: 2-8
Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Curses! A rogue racketeer, Ralphie Rotten, has brainwashed your beloved principal into forgoing your summer vacation so that he can teach you his mind-numbing program that guarantees you will become a mindless drone for Ralphie Rotten’s plan for world domination. The only way you can ensure that Ralphie’s evil plan does not come to pass is to crack the locks he has left behind to obtain the antidote for your poor, brainwashed principal. Will you be able to save your principal and your summer break? Or are you destined to be one of Ralphie Rotten’s minions forever?

Beyond the Covers
Player: 2-8
Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Just an old library, off the beaten path.  The owner of the library is up to something sinister.  He has captured a mystical creatures egg and plans to use it to take revenge against the Forgotten Library.  You must sneak into his office, find the creatures egg, and rescue it before his plan is carried out.  The owner will return in 60 minutes. 

Can you be gone before then?

Murder Mystery
Players: 2-8
Difficulty: Hard


Ever wanted to play detective?  Now is your chance.  The local socialite, Pearl Vander Maiden has been found murdered.  She was to be hosting a dinner for some of the other local socialites.  When they arrived, they found her body in the dinning room.  The police have already been at the scene and done some preliminary investigation.  Hopefully you can find the killer within 60 minutes.  In this investigation, it is not so much what you know, but what you see, that will help solve this crime. 

Dr. Enigma’s Puzzle Lab

Do you have the smarts to outsmart the Doctor?

Coming Winter 2019!