Escape Rooms

Family Friendly 60 Minute Escape Rooms
with a Seasonal Room. Range from Easy to Medium/Hard.

Enchanted Forest
Players: 2-8
Difficulty: Easy/Medium

You’re walking through the Enchanted Forest in search of fairy dust when you hear a shriek from behind a nearby tree!  You run over to find that Muppet the Leprechaun had his magical ring stolen and now he can’t find his pot of gold!  He begs you to help find his pot of gold before the thieves do, and if you succeed he will grant you three wishes.  But beware, leprechauns are known to be tricksters, so your search won’t be easy!

Beyond the Covers
Player: 2-8
Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Just an old library, off the beaten path.  The owner of the library is up to something sinister.  He has captured a mystical creatures egg and plans to use it to take revenge against the Forgotten Library.  You must sneak into his office, find the creatures egg, and rescue it before his plan is carried out.  The owner will return in 60 minutes. 

Can you be gone before then?

Back to the Past
Players: 2-8 Retiring 5-26-19
Difficulty: Medium/Hard

Up for some time-travel?  Noted inventor and historian, Dr. Susan Fargo, has discovered time-travel.  But things start to change in the current time line.  It is up to you and your team to follow the clues the Doctor left in her travels to re-open the time portal, locate and apprehend her before any more damage can be done.  Lunching with Leonardo da Vinci?  Slaying dragons with King Arthur?  Riding Dinosaurs?  Who knows where she currently is.  You have up to 60 minutes before the clues disappear in the timeline…get traveling.

Dr. Enigma’s Puzzle Lab

Do you have the smarts to outsmart the Doctor?

Coming Soon!