About Us

Welcome to CLUETOPIA

CLUETOPIA Escape Rooms is a locally owned, central-Illinois company.  We offer a fun and unique activity that is family-friendly.  We also offer activities for teams to improve communication, teamwork skills, and morale in a fun and engaging way.

As a team building company, CLUETOPIA focuses on the model of experiential learning, in which is proven to help adults learn faster and on a deeper level. This “learning through play” keeps all learning styles engaged, and lets participants internalize lessons quickly through discovery and immediate implementation of ideas.

If your group is used to “team building” that involves everyone going off in their own direction, or many people watching a few have fun, then you will love CLUETOPIA events. We’ve designed our programs to keep all participants engaged for the entire program as much as possible, to encourage sub-teams to interact with one another during events instead of just competing on their own, and making it easy to maintain participant buy-in by having activities that are fun and not cheesy.